Monday, August 8, 2011

Cooking away the day

I have noticed that I cook a whole lot more now that I have a toddler. It seems to be the only thing that keeps him entertained for more than 15 minutes.

I absolutely dread rainy days where we are stuck at home - especially when he is being challenging and I am tired!

We went to the National Dinosaur Museum this morning for a look and that managed to entertain him for around an hour - after 4 laps of the exhibits. It was nice to go and have a look but I think it is better suited to school age children.

This afternoon we are going to have a go at making these yummy looking Jelly Cakes:

I love sweet things that are easy to freeze - it means that you can cook up a largish batch and have some now and some in the freezer for those times when you need something different - or to pack to take on a picnic.
With only 4 weeks till spring (excited much!!!) I can see a lot of picnics in our future!!!
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