Monday, August 8, 2011

Ressurection of this blog

I have decided to resurrect this blog as I want a space to be able to write about our upcoming renovations as well as everyday things about the hose and family goings on.

I thought that it would also be a good place to journal about the things I am doing in the garden at different times of the year so as to serve as a reminder for upcoming years of things that I need to do.

I have been starting to get a good grip on the garden recently. It seems strange that it has taken me this long to get the hang of but I am finally beginning to understand the flow of planting and being able to plan for the amount of plants that I need to yield the right amount of food for our family.

A good example is the one zucchini that I managed to grow last year. I was dissapointed when bugs ate the other 3 plants but then the one plant we had managed to grow provided us with exactly the right amount of produce. We probably only eat 3 - 4 zucchini per week and the plant seemed to give us this.

I know that you can do things like canning but I'm not really into that. I don't mind making jams etc from excess fruit but I don't really like to eat canned things so it is better if we only have the amount that we need.

I have some plans for the next few months that I am putting into place slowly.

LAst week I bought bought some Onion, spring onion, lettuce, silverbeet, asparagus, rhubarb and seed potatoes.

I planted the Onions, spring onions, silverbeet and lettuce on Saturday morning - right before a full day of rain so they were watered in nicely. Earlier that week I had spent some time preparing the beds with some compost, dynamic lifter and wetting agent.

The last round of spring onions were so rewarding and I am looking forward to having that again. Hopefully the onions will be the same.

I have the seed potatoes out getting some light to help with the sprouting and I will plant them next weekend.

I also put some radish seeds out - I know you are meant to grow radish from seed but I have not had much luck before now.

More to come with plans for the garden...
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  1. Andj can't wait to see photos of your garden :) Just wondering do you get frosts were you are? I was thinking I couldn't plant anything until the last frost has passed...

  2. Hi Kristy,

    Yes we do get frosts, however I have been researching plants that are frost hardy and can be planted early. These are the only things I am bothering with right now. I am going to sow some tomato's, cucumbers etc from seed and keep them indoors and under cover until the frosts have passed and then plant them out.