Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Knitting frustration

A little while ago I decided that I needed some fingerless mittens - so I went looking on ravelry for a pattern I liked. Knitting a pair of fingerless mitts is probably stretching my knitting skills a little - thus the title of this blog post!

I chose the Cupcake Mitts pattern because I thought they looked cute. I am actually quite surprised to find that it isn't at all difficult to knit on double pointed needles. I remember a time a little while back my husband saying to me "when you start knitting on more than 2 needles I'll know you have a problem" (problem/habit/addiction...). I guess I'm there now!

They are challenging to knit - I am learning a lot - including how easy it is to mis-read a pattern! But incredibly satisfying at the same time because they come together so fast.

How did the jelly cakes go you ask?  Well not as good looking as the ones from yesterdays picture but they definitely taste good. I think I let the jelly set for too long.

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