Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some of my Nursery things

I have been happily crafting away on things for the baby's room for a little while now but I have been waiting to put up pics until it was closer to finished.

Last night I was bored and decided to play around with my Mobile concept. It is a little bit shabby but still cute I think it is more a Dangle than a mobile. Here is one of the fish....

And the dangle from a distance.....

I did these paintings a little while ago now but I have waiting to hang them beofre I took a picture. I am really happy with how they came out....

There are other things but I will save them ntil the room is more together.

Calm after the storm

Well after a very bad nights sleep on boxing day night - Mark and I both kept waking up every few hours, remembering something poingant or funny about Jo - having a bit of a cry - then finally going back to sleep - we had a restful day yesterday. All the stress of the past few months appears to be lifting and we are turning our minds to the new year and making a fresh start for 2009 to be full of joy and good times and happy memories.

Jo's funeral has been organised for New Years Eve in the morning, and while that does seem like a strange day to have a funeral, we all want to write 2008 off as a tough year with many more downs than ups and move into the new year with all of that behind us.

Jo was a strong, independant lady who was always happy when all the people around her were happy and having a good time - so that is what we will do on Wednesday.

I am sure that there will be many many more tears to come this week yet - I am crying again as I write this. But that is OK - because 2009 is going to be an amazing year with a new baby and lots of good times with our family here in Canberra.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Project

This is the beginnings of the last project for the baby's nursery (If you exclude the mobile - I'm still working on the concept for that.) It's not much yet but I hope it comes together. Thats if I can even get it to hang on the wall once it is finished. LOL - it is so heavy!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Sad news

After having a lovely couple of hours with us at home for christmas yesterday, Mark's mum passed away this afternoon at around 5pm. She went quite peacefully and her last hours were spent with family.

It has been a very long day and we are all a bit sad - but also relieved that she is no longer suffering.

So Rest in Peace Jo - you are with spike now - together again. xo

I love this picture of mark with his mum - it really captures the relationship they had.

Sad News

After having a lovely couple of hours with us at home for christmas yesterday, Mark's mum passed away this afternoon at around 5pm. She went quite peacefully and her last hours were spent with family.

It has been a very long day and we are all a bit sad - but also relieved that she is no longer suffering.

So Rest in Peace Jo - you are with spike now - together again. xo

I love this picture of mark with his mum - it really captures the relationship they had.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to All

Even my Cat is getting into the christmas spirit....

Merry Christmas to All

Even my Cat is getting into the christmas spirit....

Awake already

and No it's not because I am waiting for Santa Claus to come. It's just the being pregnant thing.
Hungry hungry hungry this past 24 hours - I had to get up and eat something. And now I am awake.

So I decided to start doing some research on my little baby shower favours. So I thought I would post a link here to any interesting looking tutorials that I come across - so that I can find them again and so can other people!

My baby shower isn't really going to have a theme per se - but a hostess from "the Body Shop at Home" is coming along to demonstrate her wares and do a pampering session icluding a foot or hand massage - so I thought a bit f a relaxation theme would be nice. But in reality - it is just going to be a little lunch party with salad and sandwhiches and party cakes - and possibly nice refreshing homemade lemonade (I'm liking the sound of that!). Just one game to play - one where everyone gets a bib and a nappy pin when they arrive, and then after that they are not allowed to say the word "Baby" - if someone else catches them out saying baby - they can steal the bib./bibs that person has - even if they have collected 10 bibs. Whoever has the most bibs at the end of the shower is the winner! (I guess I will need a prize too).

So here is what I have found so far:

What I was thinking was a small heart shape with some muslin and the embroidery on one side, sewn together and filled with some lavender and possibly rose petals. I have a few roses left on the bushes that may need to be sacrificed for the purpose - and (luckily) we have a lavender plant as well!
I think what I want to do is a combination on these tutes. I might even do a tutorial of my own if I like how it turns out.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Has Arrived

Yay - finally on a break from work - 10 whole days and I am really looking forward to it.
Today my beautiful husband went and fetched us a christmas tree - it might only be small but it is very cute:

I am happy - all the presents are now organised and wrapped - we just have to tidy the house a little and we will be done and ready for family tomorrow.

It was a rather quiet day at work today (as can well be imagined) and as I often do when I don't have much on, my mind drifted to things I could make.
I drew fish for a while (concept for mobile for baby's room) and then I started thinking about my upcoming baby shower and all of the things I need to organise for that.
I went through the list and got to a thank you gift - I thought for a while and came up with the idea of making a little drawer sachet/wardrobe pomander with a tiny rocking horse and the words thank you embroidered on it. I got quite excited by this idea and commenced drawing rocking horses.

So a little bit of internet research over the next few days and I will have a new project on my hands. Yay!

Zoe the Crazy Puppy

This blogger thing can be weird sometimes. I posted these pics and then decided I wanted to make them bigger but it won't let me delete them so we will have to make do.

We finally got a christmas tree and I think he is just so cute!
Living near a pine forest has it's advantages...
And our tree is looking mighty impressive - look at all those presents!

And here she is - Zoe the crazy Labrador puppy. I am surprised that she posed for this photo because she was being super crazy at the time and wouldn't stay still!

Merry Christmas to all and I hope that you have a lovely few days off - and safe travelling for those who might be going places!

Monday, December 22, 2008

What next?

My next couple of projects for after christmas. It is time to move onto basic clothes!

I also want to try my hand at creating a few softies for the baby - my mum always made me soft toys and they were the ones I treasured (and trashed) the most. It is kind of cute actually - I had a small soft cat toy that I dragged with me everywhere (and I mean everywhere - it was my cuddle rug). Inevitably they would get tatty and start to fall apart. then miraculaously, a brand new one would appear overnight and I never knew any different for years. Until my mum ran out of her stash of that particular material. Hmmn...

I want to have a go at making a mobile from felt animals but I haven't quite got my head around that one just yet. I have a few ideas I am toying with but I am not really sure.

I have noticed quite a few lists of monthly goals and projects/focus points poppingup around the blogging world and I quite like the idea of this - but I do need to have a bit of a think about it a bit more first.

I do have Project january though - master the art of machine applique, making shorts for small boys and aprons - as above!


So.... Eating too much food makes me feel like rubbish --> I know how to fix that if I want to.
Meals = small and often.

I get a sore lower back and hips and my glutes hurt by the end of the day. Thats OK - it's only for another 8 weeks. I need to deal with it by resting when I can and being happy about the times I feel good.

I am really thirsty - but when I drink the frequency of toilet trips is unbearable. So what - it's not as if it is difficult to find a toilet in the corridor at work! Hydration is important (for both of us).

I'm feeling a bit low and mopey - hop in the shower, have a good all over scrub, beautify a little, get out and feel refreshed.

Ok - so that is my pep talk over.

Thinking tonight about the coming months and fitness goals and food etc I thought - well there is no time like the present to get back into some good habits.

Number 1. Starting with prepping my food for lunches and daily snacks and logging it all in Calorie King. Just because I'm not dieting doesn't mean I can't log what I eat.

and number 2. making a concerted effort to drink more water and at least 2 cups of Raspberry leaaf tea each day for the next week.

Number 3. Starting again with logging my daily accomplishments. Last time I did this it really helped me to stay positive and find the good things about each day.


The past couple of days have been tough. The tiredness factor is that hardest thing because I dont have the get up an go to even sit a sew or think for that matter - even reading is difficult. But on the other hand, I can't go and nap because if I do that i don't sleep at night. It is certainly a dilemma.

Yesterday I wanted to go out and get a few bits and pieces so that I could have a stash of projects to keep me busy in the moments I am not feeling tired during the days off I have coming up over Christmas\New Year - but I didn't make it out of the house.

Instead I had a day of stark contrast to the day before - all I could do yesterday was shuffle around the house because I had so much pain in my back and hips. That was after making a cheesecake for the work christmas lunch - which was today. Let me just say they are lucky there was a cheesecake at all because I nearly threw it over the balcony - being not in the mood to cook cheesecakes and all that.

I didn't even eat any of the cheesecake today - I couldn't face it.

Today I pottered around at work until lunchtime and then (silly me!) ate way too much food. Oh my goodness I was so uncomfortable after lunch. There just isn't the room there for massive feasts any more. Which is a little dissapointing when there are so many lovely things that you want to try a little bit of.

After lunch I felt disgusting and I could barely keep my eyes open. I think I will stick to small meals from now until when the baby is born.

I was given a box of Lindor chocolates as a secret santa present - and the funny thing is - i really didn't have the urge to dig into them straight away. It got me thinking about the whole deprivation aspect of going on a diet. Since finding out I was pregnant I really have just eaten what I like. I haven't had any mad binges and I still struggle to find something to eat some days. When I am in training food mode - sure I eat much more clean food choices - but I tend to never be short of an idea for a meal, and I do just tend to get on with it and eat it. I know that I am going to have to relaear all of my good eating and food habits but if I can find the balance so that I dont get the mad cravings - and stay organised enough to always have good food choices on hand - it shouldn't be too hard.

I am a bit excited that in aroun 12 - 14 weeks I am going to be able to start exercising again and I just can't wait. If only to get rid of this awful soft, non muscular feeling that I am growing to despise. Just to lose some weight off my face will be a god send. I absolutely cannot stand photos of myself at the moment. If only I could hold onto all these feelings to motivate me on those days when I am not feeling motivated!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Christmas Tree

I would love to be able to post about all the lovely things I have made for christmas tree decoration - but alas - our decorations haven't even made it out of their boxes in the closet this year. Not very christmassy of me you may say! But the thing is - we don't even have a tree!

Just a few pretty lights on the front windows.

And a present corner where a tree might go if we had one.

Unfortunately with everything that has been going on a christmas tree just wasn't high on our priority list this year.

So next year I plan on going all out with some handmade ornaments and house decorations and making things really christmassy.

for now... we will have to do with just the lights and the christmas present corner.

No Christmas Tree

I would love to be able to post about all the lovely things I have made for christmas tree decoration - but alas - our decorations haven't even made it out of their boxes in the closet this year. Not very christmassy of me you may say! But the thing is - we don't even have a tree!

Just a few pretty lights on the front windows.

And a present corner where a tree might go if we had one.

Unfortunately with everything that has been going on a christmas tree just wasn't high on our priority list this year.

So next year I plan on going all out with some handmade ornaments and house decorations and making things really christmassy.

for now... we will have to do with just the lights and the christmas present corner.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sew easy!!

I have finished all of my christmas projects.

The first pic is of the little Anna Maria Horner Wildflower pincushions. I think they are just so (Sew) cute! But unfortunately mine didn't turn out as good as I would have hoped. That is because I used the old dinosaur of a sewing machine to construct them.

I should have waited just a day for my new shiny christmas present to arrive!

The difference is amazing! Today, after finishing the christmas shopping (thankfully it only involved the hardware store), I had lunch and rested for a couple of hours (I wish I could rest after lunch every day!) - I got stuck into finishing the bunting to go in the baby's room. I just love how it turned out - it looks so great in his room and really ties things together.

I will post some pics as soon as I get it up to the spot where it is going. That's not going to happen today.

So then I sat down and went - well what can I sew next... LOL... we may have created a monster!

Ahh the weekend...

Not much planned this weekend except chilling out.

I was feeling pretty good this morning so I went out on the dog walk with Mark and Zoe (our recently acquired Black labrador - I really should post a pic of her). About 3km and a nice morning for it.

I got a new toy yesterday which is an amazing up grade on my old one. So here is what the old one looked like - a bit of a dinosaur!

And here is my shiny new Sewing Machine which is awesome - Thanks Mum!

And here are some of the crafty christmas presents I have made. These cute little flowers are pincushions and are gifts for marks aunt's and cousin. These were made using the dinosaur.

And these cute mini santa staockings were made in a super speedy way using the new one - ah sewing bliss.
These are filled with mini candy canes and are presents for the boys to go with a bottle of fancy german beer. The girls who aren't getting the pincushions are getting a mini travel candle and a mini bottle of champagne.

Ahh... so I think that except for food my christmas purchasing is done. Thank goodness!

I don't really want anything for christmas this year except a good rest. Although I told mark it would be nice to have a bottle of Moet and Chandon - so that once bubs arrives - we can celebrate in style.

That would be nice.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aprony goodness and projects

I have a few little projects underway at the moment - mainly for small family christmas gifts which I hope to get all the cutting out done for by the end of today. I just love the colour combination of the fabrics I have chosen for them and I will definitely take some pics and share.

I think these small sewing projects are good for me to develop my skills and learn new techniques.

I also bought a magazine the other week which had a rather cute apron pattern in it and I have been on the look out for some material that would suit the purpose nicely. This morning I found some georgous girly and fun lingerie inspired fabric in black, red and white and I thought combined with some red polka dots it could be quite fun - so I am going to have a go with that.

31 and a half weeks along and after buying it last week and looking at it nervously in the cupboard all week I have bitten the bullet and tried the rasberry leaf tea. Supposedly it is a uterine tonic and can assist with a more smooth labour. They (being experts I assume) recommend building up to 4 cups per day by the 40 week point so I will start with one per day for the next two weeks and go from there.

I really don't want my little one surprising me before new years!

60 days and Christmas Cheer

I was thinking the other day that I would have loved to be able to send some christmas cards to some of my blogger friends - but alas - as we mainly converse via the blogging world I don't have any addresses! I may have to investigate what the online world of christmas cards has to offer and send them via email. Or you could all just consider this post as my christmas best wishes to you. In the week I have off between christmas and new year I am going to attempt to catch up completely on everyone's blogs and be dilligent with leaving comments! I do read everyones blogs daily but lately my energy supplies have been low and all the spare energy has been going to relaxation - when it is possible.

Today is my fortnightly day off work and I decided to dedicate it to relaxation. I went to check out the local public library - not quite what I am used to - Brisbane council libraries are much better stocked I think but still OK I guess. After that I took myself to the movies to see Four Holidays with Reese Witherspoon in it. She is one of my avourite actors - I'm not really sure why -but this movie really was just average. Ligh entertainment but I wouldn't have my hopes up about it being great. now I am sitting down to tea and toast for lunch and this afternoon I am going to do some cutting out of pattern pieces for a few christmas gifts I am putting together for assorted family members. I will post some pictures when they are all finished.

I am kind of hoping that the sewing machine my Mum has bought for me as a christmas present arrives by the weekend and then I can use that instead of my ancient one - we shall see if it arrives - if not I will just have to make do.

Little bubs is getting so strong and I can really start to feel little feet and knees when he moves around. 60 days and counting - the next marker point for me will be 40 days.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

So here I am - 31 week preggers - this one is really for my mum and also because I have been a little bit slack with the pic taking. I am sure that there will be quite a few pics over the christmas period coming up though.

Today we had what I have been calling "baby having classes" at the hospital. They went through everything and it was all useful information. I am interested in finding out some more about aromatherapy now - I mean it might help!

They also brought in a baby who was born this morning at 8am (It was around 2pm) and they showed us how to bath a small baby. That was very useful. He was very cute but a little bit bigger than I hope mine will be - I honestly dont think I could get one that size out through my hips.

The birth videos were a little scary but it was mainly because they were done in 1986 and the haircuts were scary enough on their own. I think that while the video showed all the gory details, the editing made it a little less than realistic.

All in all a worthwhile day.

Who are Primrose and Avery?

I guess they are just a couple of characters who have been popping up in my drawings lately. Primrose being a shy girl who doesn't really like to show her face and is quite partial to striped stockings and red shoes and Avery the cat.

As this blog is about my fledgeling artistic side I thought it appropriate to subdue the colour in the post title for now - just until I feel like I am more confident with what I am doing and drawing and making.

Sewing and painting are featuring heavily at the moment and I am trying to stockpile a few projects to keep me entertained while I am on maternity leave (but before I have the baby).

I am also a bit keen to expand on my crafty capabilities and to learn a little more about embroidery techniques, expand upon my limited sewing skills and possib;y learn to crochet. That is more than enough to keep me busy!

For any new readers - I have been blogging for a while now - but mainly about fitness related things. I have always enjoyed being creative and making things but in the past few years doing that has been associated with much guilt that I should indeed be doing something else! (i.e. Studying). My fitness/Life blog isn't really the place for posting about crafty things so I thought I needed a new space. I have been trying to find the right angle for a few weeks but I think now I have found it. I am 31 weeks pregnant with a little boy due on Valentines day and most of my crafting activities in the past few weeks have been directed at his nursery. I am almost done so I will post some pics of the things I have made over the next few weeks. I am also busy making a few small handmade additions to christmas presents.
I'm not quite ready to commit to being completely handmade for presents just yet but I think I will work on it over the coming year.
I find the creative process very meditative and calming - but - my brain often gets caught up in thinking too hard about all the things I want to do and create. Mind you - thins may all change once baby come along. We will soon find out I guess!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Rainy Friday

There has been a steady downpour here all day today which is kind of nice.

Chicken has been keeping me company - as you can see above - she settled herself into the lid of the stationary box and has been sitting there for a while now.

I seem to have solved the problem of not having much to do in the evenings - I have simply gotten my nose into all sorts of crafting activities involving the sewing machine, felt, christmas gifts and paint. Every night I find something small to do. I find the creative process quite meditative.
this afternoon I started to make the mobile for the baby's room - well I cut out some felt pieces for an owl - I'm not 100% sure if I actually like it just yet. I may switch to boats but I'm not quite sure. I'm not 100% on how to piece a boat together but I guess I could just have a go until I get one I like.

The baby list is diminishing now and looks a little something like this:

Here is the list I posted a few weeks ago of what I needed to get:

  • Linen - Have plenty of blankets for the pram and for wrapping. Still need to get 2 Cotton cellular blankets for the cot, at least 3 cotton sets of cot sheets and another cot duvet. I have my eye on one by Living textiles but as it isn't urgent (ie - it is harly cold) I'm not too worried.
  • 2 babylicious recieving blankets
  • 2 white Sheridan towels
  • A safe- n-sound car seat - am getting this in the week after christmas - who knows baby shops might have sales.
  • A Nappy Bag (I am going to spoil myself and buy the Oroton one in the after christmas sales)
  • Pram Rain and Shade covers
  • Car Window shade
  • Baby Bathing toiletries - wash, shampoo, massage oil, powder, nappy rash cream
  • Infra-red Digital thermometer
  • First aid and medicines for bubs
  • Ikea Shelves and baskets for shelves
  • cushions and decorations for Nursery (Halfway there)
  • Nappies!
  • baby clothes - I have lots of clotes in size 00 and bigger but not much in the way of 000 just yet. It's hard because we don't know how big he will be but I do like to be prepared.
  • Nightlight for the nursery

  • Breast pump - I am going to get the Avent Isis manual pump (and I am sure you all wanted to know that!) --> Have decided to buy this after bub is born
  • Stereliser and cleaning equipment ?? Not sure on this need to do more research - but again I will buy it after bub is born
  • BPA (Bisphenol-A) Free Bottles for giving expressed milk top ups. as above
Hmmmnnn... it doen't really look smaller at all!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Updates at Week 30

Week 30 = Scary!!

single figure countdown has begun and the reality of having a small baby very soon is starting to sink in. I have had an excruciatingly sore back this week and nothing seems to help it but resting.

I have been faithfully following along with everyones blogs as normal for the past few weeks but I haven't been able to comment much - mainly because I got in trouble at work for spending too much personal time on internet activities at work.Hmmn... I have been very dilligent since then.

In the evenings I have been trying hard to spend some quality time with mark because he is working really hard at the moment both at work and with his mum. I feel a bit bad because I can't really do very much to help. So hence - internet time has been limited.

His mum is still in hospital and not really getting any better but they are sending her home on Monday apparently - which I'm not really looking forward to - it just means more stress for all of us.

The baby's room is nearly finished, Chair arrived today and all I have left to do is hang the paintings and put the cot together and buy toiletries etc. I still feel as though the room doesn't really have much in the way of character but I might once I get everything up on the walls.

Have fun you girls tomorrow on your glam it up photo shoot. I 'm sure you are all goingto look amazing!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

HOLY Swollen ankles batman!

LOL. Yesterday afternoon was the first little bit of humidity and real heat we have had in Canberra this year so far and boy did I notice it.

I finished work and went to see Mark's mum and I noticed that my feet were feeling a bit weird. Kind of tight. So I pulled my jeans up a bit and was confronted with the worst puffy ankles I have ever seen on me. Argh! it was disgusting.

So I went home and elevated my feet for a bit once I got home but it didn't really seem to make that much difference.

This morning they are still puffy but not as bad. I think I need to stay off my feet as much as possible today.

Only 10 more weeks of this to go.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At a Loss

Lately I have been at a bit of a loss with what to do with myself in the evenings. It is all part of finishing up with uni I think as I have felt like this before. I inevitably come home from work, and do any little chores and then go "hmmn... what now". Normally, I think this is the time I would get myself wound up in some fitness goal - but right now isn't the right time for that either (for obvious reasons). So I sit and watch Tv for a bit - and get bored. Flick through all the regular internet sites I visit - and get a bit bored. Then I start to get frustrated at not having anything meaningful to do with my time. The daylight savings doesn't help - it just makes me feel even more that I should be doing something useful.

The belly just keeps on growing and now I am at the point where I want the next 10 weeks to go as quickly as possible. I'm not over it really (the belly) but I do want to get on with life and have things stop being so difficult to do (like walk up a hill). I am quite tired a lot of the time and this makes me more frustrated. Most of the time (when I am having a good day) I don't really even notice the belly thing, but by the evenings, when I am full of food and fluid from the day - it does start to feel quite cumbersome.

I am 30 weeks next week so I will attempt to take a pic - maybe even tomorrow night as we are going to mark's work christmas dinner so i will be dressing up in my one dressing up top and low heels - woo hoo!

I made the mistake of weighing myself last night - bad idea - it just messes with my head.

The baby is doing lots of acrobatics in there and by the strength of his little feet he feels big already - but in reality - who knows! I'mnot a big fan of the kicking, but he also does a strething type movement which I don't mind too much.

The whole pregnancy thing isn't all that bad - it's just the being big thing I really dont like.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bargain Hunting and Proof

The above two pics represent the official finalisation of my masters of Health Science - Health services management. It feels like it has been such a long time since I began and I have just been slowly plodding away at it.

I am most definitely relived to be finished and to go out with a bang of two 7's was just a bonus.

Not sure really if I am going to use it now or not. To go in the career direction I would like to go in - I need to wait until I have finished with the having children thing and until Mark has a more secure job. But I will stay open to any opportunities that may present themselve to me.

So What now?

Well nothing for a while. I am quite enjoying being able to spend time painting and sewing and doing crafty relaxation things on my weekends - AND having no guilt about whether I should be doing something else.

This weekend I have finished the third painting for the baby's room. I think they all turned out quite nicely. So now onto the sewing.

This morning I went to the trash and treasure markets to see if I could nab any thrifty bargains.

I used to go to these things and wander around looking at things and thinking who buys this stuff. I only ever used to buy the odd book and plants.

This morning I nabbed an Avent steam sterliser for $5. No bottles of course but as I am planning on only using it for top up feed bottles and that type of thing I thought - Bargain!

I also bought a giant framed picture of Princess diana for $20. Why you might ask? Well last weekend I bought this georgous vintage alphabet wall hanging and I wanted to put it in a frame. I was looking online and picture framing is quite expensive. All I wanted was a simple wooden frame that I could paint to give a bit of a worn-in look. Thus where the princess diana print comes in. Frame is the perfect size - now all I need to do is get a matt cut to go around the print and I have a bargain wall hanging!

Yesterday we also went to a second hand book shop that is have a big 50% off sale at the moment. I bought heaps of the classic childrens book like Alice in Wonderland, Treasure island, snugglepot and cuddlepie, Blinky Bill, the Secret garden and A little Princess. When he is old enough I will read them to him.

I also found some old books on soft toy making and that has givenme a few ideas as well.

So I definitely have plenty to keep me busy!

Friday, November 28, 2008

The list

Here is the list I posted a few weeks ago of what I needed to get:

  • Linen - I have been give a few things but I need 3 more sets of cot sheets, a few more wraps and blankets and some towels for bathtime.
  • A safe- n-sound car seat
  • A Nappy Bag (I am going to spoil myself and buy the Oroton one in the after christmas sales)
  • Pram Rain and Shade covers
  • Car Window shade
  • Baby Bathing toiletries - wash, shampoo, massage oil, powder, nappy rash cream
  • Infra-red Digital thermometer
  • First aid and medicines for bubs
  • Ikea Shelves and baskets for shelves
  • Foot Stool
  • Cushions and decorations for Nursery
  • Nappies!

  • Breast pump - I am going to get the Avent Isis manual pump (and I am sure you all wanted to know that!) --> Have decided to buy this after bub is born
  • Stereliser and cleaning equipment ?? Not sure on this need to do more research - but again I will buy it after bub is born
  • BPA (Bisphenol-A) Free Bottles for giving expressed milk top ups. as above

So there is really only a few things I can strike off there. All the other things seem so small and insignificant though! I really need to sort out christmas presents before the shops get too hectic in the before christmas madness!

Under 80

Here I was a few weeks ago counting down until I was under 100 days and before I know it I am under 80 days to go! I think that I am actually more interested in getting to christmas at the moment. For some reason christmas feels like a bit of a milestone and after that the real countdown will begin.

Feeling: Average. The sleeping business is starting to get difficult - I literally have four pillows semi propping me/ helping to make me comfortable at the moment. Every morning I wake up feeling like I could sleep for at least another hour! Most days I feel quite good - just start to get tired by the afternoons. But by Friday I have totally had enough of work and just want the weekend. I have a long weekend this weekend so that is good.

this has been a particularly tough week though as we have been out most nights - usually straight from work.

Mark's mum (Grandma to baby) was admitted to hospital this week as she has not been able to keep much food down for the past two weeks and has been throwing up and battling constant nausea even when she doesn't eat. On Monday we decided enough was enough and called one of the doctors. She was having planning done for radiation therapy on Tuesday so he brought her in early for that. He did the CT scans which showed that her oesophagus is completely blocked and that it has progressed alot faster that anyone really thought.
So he brought her radiation treatment forward until Wednesday just gone. (Wasn't meant to start until 11th December)
Working in the field of radiation therapy and having someone close to you have to go through it is a bit challenging - especially when you know that the treatment isn't really going to make her any better. Radiation works better in some cases than others - unfortunately this isn't one of them.
I am dealing with it better than I thought I would though!

They probably wont let her out of hospital until they have the nutrition thing under control - but I feel better knowing that she is somewhere that she can be looked after 24/7.

So on the basis of all of that - we have now inherited a dog. Quite the family we are becoming! New house, baby on the way, Cat and now Black Labrador. Zoe.

Hopefully next week will be a little less hectic!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Suitably Devastated

I have just diascovered that there is to be a new running festival held here in Canberra next year. I started to get really excited because stromlo is really close to my house (it would be a warm up jog to get there) and I was thinking "Yay! - I can use this as a goal event. Until I read the dates: 27th Februray - March 1st 2009.

Somehow I dont think that I will be running anywhere in the 4 weeks after I give birth!
However - if you are a keen runner and want to visit Canberra before it gets too cold - Stromlo forest park is just georgous to run and the event sounds like it will be fab (and I am sure the parties that go with it will be even more fab!) I will definitely be going for a look see and possibly try to get along to one of the seminars if I can.

The inaugural STROMLO Running Festival combines on-site camping and catering into a weekend 'Festival' that is not to be missed. The range of running events will provide something for everyone, from the complete beginner to Australia's elite athletes. So come and join Robert de Castella and be part of something amazing.

The STROMLO Running Festival will provide a friendly, social, exciting, and interactive weekend focussed on running, participation and healthy lifestyles. The combination of multiple running events focussed on participation, on-site catering, camping and caravan accommodation, as well as entertainment, lectures and training sessions, will make the STROMLO Running Festival a unique and nationally recognised event; where experienced and elite athletes will socialise
and motivate those individuals who are new to running.

The event slogan – "Get Off The Road" – is highly appropriate given the running events comprising the STROMLO Running Festival will be held on the purpose built Stromlo Cross Country Course, as well as the beautiful fire trials and single tracks within Canberra's nature parks surrounding the Stromlo area.

The STROMLO Running Festival will offer a variety of community and competitive events including

:• Robert de Castella Cross Country Invitational

• Lightning Strike Trail Runs (10km and 30km)

• Cross Country Races (4km and 8km)

• Orienteering Events • Criterium Track Road Race (1.2km)

• Mountain Race (3.2km)

• Social runs led by Celebrities and Elite athletes

• Government/Business challenge

• Primary School and High School Challenge

The event will also incorporate other activities including

:• Official Opening and Dinner • Festival Expo

• Running Clinic hosted by elite athletes and coaches

• Bands and Children's Entertainment

• Guest Lectures on Maximising 6-Foot Track Marathon Performance, Injury Prevention, Training, Footwear and Nutrition

• Practical Training Sessions on Core Stability, Running Drills/PlyometricsPlease Note:

• The field will be limited to 2,500 participants and spots are sure to fill quickly – so don't delay, enter now via our secure online site at

• Amazing 2XU bundle for the first 500 entries. The first 500 entrants will receive a special bundle offer of 2XU STROMLO t-shirt (value $60) and 2XU Compression Socks (value $50) for just $35 - Save over 65%! Important:Entries close 20th of February 2009 (unless sold out). No entries will be taken over the weekend of the event.

Running in Canberra:Since the establishment of the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra, the nation's capital has developed a strong history of distance running and is now considered one of Australia's most ideal running locations. Stromlo Forest was where 'Deek' and many other Australian and International running greats did much of their training through the 1980's and
1990's. In 2003, the entire forest was destroyed in the bushfires that also claimed the lives of four Canberrans. Deek was one of the 500 families who lost everything in those fires and was a key member on the ACT Government's Bushfire Recovery Taskforce. Stromlo Forest Park was one of his ideas; to not just replace what had been lost, but to make it better and to leave a legacy for future generations. Stromlo Forest Park has already become Australia's best, and most sought after, dedicated off-road running and cycling venues.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


You just wouldn't know that we are just a week out from summer because it has been freezing here in Canberra this weekend.

It has been a busy week just gone and even though I had a day off on Wednesday - it too was spent running around doing administrative things (like getting an ACT license) so it doesn't feel as though I have really been able to relax.

In a way it is a good thing that it has been cold this weekend because it has forced me to stay indoors! Had a few errands to do yesterday morning. I had to do a Glucose Challenge test at the pathology place to make sure that I don't have gestational diabetes. I drank the drink and thought to myself - I'm not sure why people say this is so awful - it didn't taste all that bad. However, about 20 minutes later my heart was racing and I felt awful. Light headed and nausea - just plain gross. You have to drink the stuff, wait one hour and then have the blood test done. The awful feelings went away within two hours but that first hour was awful!

After that I had to go and do some errand type things at Federation square and Mark's mum wanted to get a birthday present. Federation square has lots of lovely little shops that sell beautiful and often unique things. I got my secret santa present - So that is one thing I don't have to think about anymore. I also got a really cute elephant keyring and a poster for the baby's room. I'm not sure if I will use it but it is an alphabet done in vintage style with old style pictures alongside each of the letters. I just have to find a frame big nough now.

After that we went and test drove the car we are going to buy - not the most glamourous car - we are looking at getting an Izuzu Dmax - which is basically the same care as a holden rodeo. It has 4 doors and all the safety features as well as having a ute tray - which we have realised we really miss having.

That was enough for one day and when we got home I fell asleep for two hours!

Last night I decided to get creative for the baby's room and I have finished what I did off - to a point - this morning. There is a third painting to come but it is still in the painting process - I ran out of white paint so was kind of stalled. Here is a sneak peek:

This pile of material is my next project.....not 100% sure how it will all turn out just jet, I have a bit of planning to do but I was pretty pleased with my haul from Spotlight this morning. I am fighting with myself as to whether or not to buy a new sewing machine (mum - if you are reading hint hint!)I'm not really sure how much I will use it but on the other hand I think that I will probably use it more than the old ancient one I currently have and I will be able to do more. My current one is unable to do button holes or zips because it is so old that the pieces are missing.
I also find creating things quite satisfying - although I'm not 100% sure what I will sew. Boys clothes are much more difficult to sew than girls clothes - but I would like to be able to make dress ups and that kind of thing.
For now I will stick to home furnishings I think!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Moving along slowly

I have noticed that lately I am slowing down a lot. I just can't do things at the same pace I used to I guess. That is OK though.

After a trip to Ikea last weekend my sister and brother in law have brought me back some goodies so this weekend I am hoping to get started on setting up the baby's room.

I am considering heading to Spotlight tonight as it is in Queanbeyan which is in NSW and therefore has late night shopping.

It isn't so much the furniture that I need to get on top of but the decoration side of things.

I guess I want to see what the things I have so far look like before I get too carried away with the decorating. I have a few bits and pieces, but I will probably need a few more to bring it all together.

I have most things off my list now - I just need some linen - cot sheets and a quilt - all those little finishing touches.

Must go back to work now as I am on my tea break!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Soul Photographics

- The georgous lady and very dear friend of mine who also happens to be photographer extraordinaire! If you are in Brisbane or the surrounds and need a fabulous wedding photographer OR stunning children and family portraits - she is your girl!-

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Carb Train

After reading Liz's Posts this morning about the benefits of including carbohydrates in our diet I found myself nodding along thoroughly in agreement. Not only have I studied Biochemistry, thanks to a previous liftime of wanting to study medicine (and then I woke up to myself) am innately familiar with the Krebs cycle. Bottom line is - Carbohydrates are a macronutrient and essential for human survival.

Additionally - it is almost impossible to NOT include them in your diet IF you are consuming vegetables (which you should be!)

But like liz said - it is the type of Carbohydrates that we should be concerned about consuming rather than the consumption of carbs.

During the time I was training with Liz I under went a major brain shift in thinking patterns about food and diet. Prior to following Liz's plans I would exist on Salad and tuna or Salad and Chicken for lunch - having had no carbs since Breakfast (If I had managed to eat oats and not an egg white omlette that day). By the afternoon I was in a complete brain fog, unable to concentrate and starving. The usual pattern would follow - that being me arriving home from work - Starving - and then raiding the cupboard for ANYTHING sweet. That usually included LOTS of sultanas followed by tablespoons of honey and Milo. Hmmn - then an hour later I would sit down to a dinner of veges and some kind of protein - again - no carbs - only to be starving an hour later. I would force myself through the night - often waking up hungry - and do it all again the next day.

When I started training a bit more seriously for running - with the half marathon goal in mind, I just couldn't find the energy for running and enjoying my training while eating in this way. So - taking some of Liz's advice - I started addend good Carbs back in - I had sandwhiches for lunch and ate a jacket potato with dinner. I had yoghurt and fruit again. All good healthy, natural sources of carbs. i also stopped having as much processed sugar, if I had coffee I would have real sugar in it etc.

Funny thing happened - training became really really enjoyable. I stopped bingeling in the afternoons. I got through the night without waking up starving AND I started losing weight and keeping it coming off. I stopped with the fluctuating up and down, the getting frustrated that it wasn't working and giving up after 3 weeks. I actually manged to get down to the lowest weight I had been in years - and I felt really good for it.

It is important for me to remember these things now - because next year when it comes time to do it again - I need to remember that it works and it isn't difficult.

I aways feel really bad for people who are struggling along on low carb based plans - whetherit be in the lead up for a comp or for whatever reason.

As for the coke add with Kerry Armstrong. When I first saw that in WHO magazine I read it because I thought it was a joke or a spoof. I really couldn't believe that they would try and sell the idea to people that coke could possibly be healthy. It certainly is an interesting marketing perspective. What sadden's me is that there are people out there who believe the marketing campaigns. It also saddens me that in the drink dispenser at my work - a bottle of water costs $3.00 and the Coke is only $2.50. Hmmn...

There is more than enoughhigh level evidence out there that high fructose corn syrup (not only in coke - also in every other soft drink, and even some juices among other things) is bad for us.
We don't need academic journals to prove it to us - the proof is in the obesity and the heart disease and the ever increasing incidence of diabetes and all of the other 'Lifestyle' related medical conditions that is placing pressure on our health system.

Just something to ponder I guess.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lunch Time

I am on my lunch break at work and I thought I would do a quick post because I was online.

Today for lunch is Avocado on Toast with salt and pepper - basic but tasty.

It hasn't been a particularly bust day today but I just have the sorest back. It is 30 degrees here in Canberra today and the past two days I have gone home and tested the water in the pool to see if it was warm enough. Surely it will be warm enough this afternoon? I think I should just bite the bullet and get it even if it isn't - anything to take the weight off my back.

I felt really good when I woke up this morning as well.

I have been dealing with a situation involving many phone calls back and forward between me and a Queensland health payroll employee to get a form signed so that I will be recognised for my prior service with QHealth here in the ACT - the resulting outcome being that I am elligible for paid maternity leave in January. I have been trying to get this done now for 4 months and today I decided enough was enough after the employee has been not returning my phone calls or emails - I am awaiting a call from a team leader to try and get it sorted out once and for all.

I just need the form - can it possibly be so difficult for a person who is employed in human relations to do their job?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Not much going on

Not much really going on here at the moment.

I kind of feel as though I am still recovering from the massive week of finishing off uni last week.

I bought a book that I had my eye on for about the past 2 months and I have been reading that pretty much non-stop until it was finished!It was called One fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell. It was OK - not quite what I was expecting but still good.

The other day I put my hand on my belly because the baby was kicking me and when I pressed down slightly I felt what was very clearly a little foot. It was very cool.

Each day goes by now and I wake up in the morning feeling great. By 3pm in the afternoon my back is starting to hurt a bit and I am tired. I pick up a little around 5 - 6 because I get to go home and relax then as soon as dinner is done all the energy is gone again. Sometimes I don't even feel as though I have to energy to think.

Thus partly the reason for the sporadic blogging.

Right - I am off to hunt down a book I saw in a newspaper article the other day.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Internet issues

Have been having some internet issues this past 24 hours and obviously this has impacted on my 30 blogs in 30 days thingo. In my defence - I have done double posts on some days.

The frugality thing seems to have gone out the window - I just cant focus on it right now. Too much going on.

I spent most of yesterday on the couch feeling terrible. I think that the little one must have been doing some serious growing yesterday because i haven't felt that uncomfortable for a while.

Feeling a bit better today - although energy levels are still quite low.

I keep dropping things and slamming my fingers in drawers and generally being clumsy and it is making me extremely emotional. I have had two teary outburst today and I just feel really out of control.
I am sure that this is normal but Mark thinks I am just over reacting to everything. It is probably partly overreacting but I just can't see it getting any better for the next 3 months.

I think I just want my body back. I'm a bit sick of everything being difficult. I can't even go to the shops to get some veggies - it is all a big mission.

At least I can sleep in tomorrow due to an appointment at the hospital.

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Toy for Finishing

So YAY! I have completed all of my assesment now for my last two subjects of my Masters degree.

I know that I should be happy/relieved but I don't think it will completely set in until I get those results in a few weeks time and know that I have passed everything. I am not really all that concerned about not passing but you just never know.

Aside from being pregnant and having no motivation whatsoever this past 6 months to do any study at all so it has been a really hard slog. I am really looking forward to not feeling guilty about sewing or running or reading a real book for a looong time.

Any study I do in the future will most likely be a short course or tafe based. No more uni for me for a long time!

As a present for finishing, Mark bought be a brand new Pink 8gig Ipod. I was very happy when he gave it to me this afternoon. I don't just use my ipod when I am gymming or running you see - I also use it in the car and at home on a dock - so it used to get a lot of use. The battery on my old one died about 2 months ago - but it was very well loved. Such a great present!

I started on an inspiration board for the baby room this afternoon. I have heaps of things cut out here and there and I want to put it all in the one place, as well as have a place to put fabric samples etc to make sure they all match.

I will update the spending thing tomorrow because after the day I have had today - all I want to do right now is go and sit on the couch!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Day 5

Day 5

Breakfast: Oats w/mixed berries and milk
Morning tea:Tea cake and tea
Lunch: Leftover Quiche (So Yum)
Afternoon Tea: Gingernut biscuits and tea
Dinner: oh oh! Bought vietnamese
Snacks: ice cream

Finished Today:

Wasted Today:
Spent today:$32.00 on bought vietnamese $6.00 ice cream

This is what stress doe to me. It makes me need a quick fix and today dinner had to be the quick fix. I needed the extra hour tonight to do work so cooking dinner had to be substituted for buying dinner

Day 6

Day 6 - Nearly didn't make it!

Breakfast: hmmn nothing....
Morning tea: Cake and tea again
Lunch: hmmn McDonalds... see yesterdays post about creating time
Afternoon Tea: Ginger nuts and tea
Dinner: Spaghetti bolognaise

Finished Today:

Wasted Today:
Spent today:I dont even know - it was at maccas anyway!

Gee - the last two days have been really tough. I have been feeling really worse for wear with belly growing pains and very stressed about getting my last assignment done. Now it is done - as long as I pass thats it for me and universitys for a while. I just don't have the motivation to do it anymore. I have found too many other things in life that I would rather give my time to.

This however, was an excellent demonstration of what happens when I leave things to the last minute - my whole life falls apart.

Now comes the clean up - starting with the house. AND we have people coming for dinner tomorrow night - I have no idea what I am going to cook just yet.

Thanks god tomorrow is Friday.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Feeling stressed

Today I am feeling tired and a little bit stressed. All of these days off work make me just want to not work full stop.

Of course feeling this way makes me just want to run upstairs to the shop here at work and but a magazine and chocolate - just so I can spend some money.

My little brain is telling me that it will make me feel instantly calmer and better, then I can just get lost in the magazine and not think about the things that are stressing me.

Soulution - deal with the stress cause. The problem is that I can't deal with it until I get home tonight. So until then I have to put up with feeling stressed and try and do what I can.

Oh but I want to make the discomfort go away!

This is EXACTLY the same as going on a binge because I am feeling uncomfortable and stressed. I need to learn to deal with the feeling - not hide it away in spending or eating.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Would you like milk with your sugar?

Day 4

Another pregnant brain moment this morning. Whilst making coffee, when I went to pour the milk into the coffee - I poured it straight into the sugar bowl instead. It's quite funny to do something like that because you just look at yourself and think "Stupid!".

I am finding more and more similarities with restricting my spending to restricting my diet. I know that there has been a bit of talk on blogs lately aboutcravings for particular foods when you are on a diet. I tend to agree with Kek, I think it is more about brain power than your body telling you that you need something in particular. I couldn't get enough juice in the beginning weeks of my pregnancy - I think that I probably went through aroun 2 Lt of juice every 2 -3 days. I don't even really like juice THAT much! Apart from the juice I have had no other cravings to speak of for particular foods. Food cravings aside.

I do get an insane burning itch to spend money, if it is there. Whether it is in my bank account or in my wallet. If it is there I can get a little obsessed with allocating it to some purpose. It doesn't have to be on a particular item - it could be on food for instance. If I have 40 dollars in my bank account on the day before pay day I have a compulsion to spend it. I'm not sure where this habit came from. I used to have an absession with having "things" I had to have this or that particular thing to tell myself I was happy. I have moved away from that a little bit - although I do still tend to attach 'things' to having something be 'perfect' in my mind (case in point: Shelving unit from Ikea!). It is the craving to spend that I am trying to overcome and it is really helping being able to relate it back to when i was trying to lose weight and training for the marathon. It truly is about laying down those patterns of thought in your brain so that you untrain it from one way of thinking and retrain it to another. The money that I have saved just in the last few days from simply not buying food while I am at work is amazing.

Yesterday afternoon I even talked myself out of buying a cappacino at the doctor's (it's a bit fancy - there is a cafe) because I knew that if I didn't buy the cappacino then it would mean I wouldn't have spent any money today.

It is also helping me to get back into the 'conscious mind' thinking patterns that I will need to eat a bit better after the baby is born ( so I can shift the extra weight). I'mnot talking about going on a full on diet - because I want to breastfeed and that can be affected by restricting calories. I am simply talking about eating ALOT of really healthy, clean food that will nourish my body. Why not now? you may ask. Well that is a very good question. Mainly because I simply don't want to, it has a lot to do with me needing a very solid goal to work towards in order to be able to be really good with my eating and I can't do that (the goal bit) right now. BUT once I have had the baby, my body is mine again and I will have control over how much I weigh.

Anyhoo - this has gone on for long enough this morning!

Hope you all had a win on the cup!

I ended up doing some gardening today and then went for an inaugural dip in the pool. It was a bit chilly but once you were in it was fine.

I also slipped on a rock or something like that and fell over and sprained my ankle. I felt pretty stupid. I landed straight down on my backside so it wasn't an awkward fall or anything like that but now my ankle hurts as does my pride.

Breakfast: Home made pancakes with lemon juice and sugar, plunger coffee
Morning tea: Tea cake, cup of tea
Lunch: Tuna Salad (Tin tuna, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese, mayo) (had to use up the lettuce)
Afternoon Tea: Sao biscuits with cottage cheese, tomato
Dinner: Tomato, feta and basil Quiche with salad
Snacks: Cottage cheese, frozen berries, yoghurt

Finished Today:Milk(we use UHT milk so always have some in the cupboard), Lettuce

Wasted Today: A whole pot of sugar! (See story above)
Spent today:Gardening things: $30.70

Groceries that were forgotten the other day: $12.20

Love this watch

I may have to save up for one @ $1500.00 RRP! Here is what the blurb says:


Monday, November 3, 2008

Day 3

Day 3

Breakfast: Museli and yoghurt
Morning tea: Apple, Orange, cup of tea
Lunch: Creamy Tuna pasta
Afternoon Tea:Fruity Tea cake, 2 kingston biscuits
Dinner: Chicken Kiev and vegetables

Finished Today:Nothing

Wasted Today: Nothing
Spent today: Obstetrician appointment: $10 (with $ Medicare rebate)

I had plenty of opportunities to spend money today. Not so much at work, because I find these types of things very similar to attempting to eat on a plan. I find the weekdays a breeze as long as I am organised, it is the weekends where I tend to let loose a little and forget my reasons for doing it in the first place. If anything I am glad that I am doing this because I have to reset the need versus want mentality in my brain. Instead of just buying something because I know that there is money in my bank account, it is very good for me to be more conscious about what I am spending. If only to remind myself that what ever it is - I can probably live without it. And that my friends is what the crux of this challenge comes down to.

Tomorrow just happens to be a public holiday in Canberra so it is like a weekend and I get urges to spend money BUT I don't intend to go out at all tomorrow so technically I should be OK.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day 2

Day 2

Breakfast: Toast with Orange marmelade, Tea
Morning tea: Apple, Orange. Cup of White tea.
Lunch: Knock up Creamy Tuna pasta
Afternoon Tea: Milo, Fruity Tea Loaf Cake
Dinner: Chips from KFC - long story
Snacks: chomp bar, water ice block

Finished Today: Cream(replaced @shopping), Penne Pasta (have more)

Wasted Today:
Spent today: Groceries @ Supermarket: $191.28

Gatorade, Drugs and chocolate for mark who is sick: $16.00

KFC Dinner for me: $9.45 (Bad bad Andrea)

Butcher: $34.70

Bargain baby Nappies: $66.00

Domestic type of day today. Just at home pottering around. I made a cake (Fruity Tea cake) and some brownies for morning and afternoon teas throughout the week. That is - if they last that long. The cake didn't really turn out very well, I think that it make need a double batch and to be cooked in a different type of tin. I used a Loaf tin and I think that it would probably do brilliantly in one of those biggish square tins, however the recipie would definitely need to be doubled for that.

Creamy Tuna Pasta


Can't you see that I am working here...........


Awoken this morning to the sounds of a hot air balloon injecting hot air into it's balloon space.

Ahh the serenity!

As you can see - today is a beautiful day in Canberra. Especially to be out in a hot air baloon.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 1

Breakfast: Small Bowl of cornfalkes and cup of tea at 6am. Home cooked bacon and eggs and brewed coffee a bit later on.
Morning tea: Sao biscuits, philly cream cheese, leftover tomato from breakfast
Lunch: 2 slices toast, small tin tuna, cheese, tomato. Home made yoghurt.
Afternoon Tea: Milo, grapes
Dinner: Honey soy Chicken Tofu stirfry
Snacks: tablespoon cottage cheese, frozen berries, lemon yoghurt.
Finished Today: Packet of Sao biscuits (replace: staple). Brocollini. Tofu. Pkt museli bars.
Wasted Today: 1 dead cucumber
Spent today: Groceries: $29.30 (fruit and Vege) Other: Pool Maintenance service and equipment: $159.90

I was really struggling with this concept this morning - I was starving all morning - literally hungry again 45 minutes after eating those bacon and eggs

I like having an 'outing' on the weekends - so when Mark said that he wanted to know what a particular tree in our neighbours backyard was, I suggested that we go and have a wander around some of the native nurseries to see if we could decipher it. Turns out that I had been looking for a completely different tree to the one he was looking at. I was looking at a Callistemon and he was looking at a Banksia. So we went to Pialligo and had a bit of a wander - there is a whole road of nurseries and lovely shops and arty type things. I think I would like to goa wandering again on a day off work. I didn't realise that the Bison pottery gallery
was out there as well. We were given some bison pottery as a wedding present and I really like it. I think that trip will have to wait until after November though.

We couldn't find the tree so mark suggested we go to the Yarralumla nursery - where we were in luck. Not least because there was a native plant market and display on AND there was a specimen of the tree planted on the grounds of the nursery. So we asked what it was and it became a successful mission/outing. Banksia marginata for those who may be interested!

Happily - although I was tempted to buy a Rosemary plant - I didn't buy anything at all.

so only essential spending for me today. Nothing frivolous - which is the aim of the game really.

Our pool should be good as gold in about two weeks which I am rather pleased about. It will be so nice to come home from work being able to look forward to going for a swim!

And now... an hour after dinner I am hungry again....hmmmnnnn

Oh - and I realised today that I need to add another rule:

That is - I am committed to any pre planned expenses that occur throughout the month. I know already that this included today's Pool maintenance and will include Car registration and Insurance, Car roadworthy, and my Professional registration - without which I am not allowed to work. So all together those things alone will come to around $1000.... argh..

Tomorrow's challenge ingredients include:

Tuna, 100ml of Cream, frozen peas, 1/2 box of Penne pasta, a Cos lettuce - hmmnnn I can feel a pasta coming on. Hopefully it will make enough for lunch on Monday as well.

What is the 'Cost'?

Mark made an interesting point to me the other day about the considering the environmental impact of the things that we purchase. He was annoyed at me for wanting a shelving unit from Ikea for the baby's room - I really did have my heart set on this particular set of shelves!

But alas - he did make a good point and in this day and age where everything we buy is just so 'packaged' and consumable - it probably is something that we should be taking into consideration when making a purchase.

While I am getting the shelves - the simple act of getting them will have a massive environmental impact. First thing to consider is where they have initially come from - most likely overseas seeing as they are from Ikea. Then there is the fact that Ikea is in Sydney which is a three hour car trip from Canberra - and back again - in the process using a tank of petrol. Then there is the packaging - usually of which there is an overabundance - which will need to be disposed of and then transported to somewhere for processing - having a further environmental impact. I'm really really glad I am getting the shelves, but I think it is worth considering these things just simply to be more aware of the impact.

Personally I HATE packaging. It is everywhere and I swear that one day we as humans are just going to drown in the waste that we create on this earth. Whether that drowning is from a lack of oxygen in the atmosphere or something else - the amount of waste that comes from the 'thing's' that we buy that are processed and packaged does make it more difficult to tread the earth lightly. One of my pet hates and crusades at the moment is the packaging of meats to incorporate atmosphere modification in the process. I'm talking about those vacuum and gas packaged meats you see in the supermarket. Kangaroo is a meat that is often packaged in this way.

From the supermarket's perspective I can appreciate why they do this - it saves THEM money and reduces the wastage of meat that has gone past it's used by date. This is because vacuum and gas packaging of meats prevents backteria from growing that causes the discolouration and spoiling of meat to occur SO that means we are buying an older product without realising it. For example: Traditionally packaged ground beef has a shelf life of about five days, while modified atmospheric packaging can give ground beef a shelf life of 14 or even 28 days

I believe that we should also consider the amount of processing that goes into geting the meat to the vacuum packed stage. as well as what chaemicals we are subjecting our bodies to in the process. Just something to ponder.

One concept I recently came across was that of Locavores. The ideas is basically that you attempt to consume only what has been grown and produced locally - thus reducing your environmental impact. Cassandra forsythe did a post about it recently if anyone is interested in reading more. Localvores'

On that note - i'm off to the farmers markets to get me some vege's!

Friday, October 31, 2008

NaBloPoMo and Fiscal Fast

I thought that I would try and combine two things that are interesting to me into one interesting thing to keep me entertained this November.


What is That - you may ask??? Simply put - November is National Blog Posting Month. The concept is that you post a blog post every single day for the month of November.

Harder than it seems BUT I figure if I combine it with my money thrifting / Stop food wastage challenge - then it may not be quite so difficult.


The rules for the Money Thrifting Challenge are as follows (kindly borrowed and adapted from The Shopping Sherpa):

Please note: these are the rules (guidelines?) I feel comfortable with. If you fancy playing along you can use these or make up a set of your own that you feel comfortable with...

During the duration of the Fiscal Fast I can only spend money on the following:

1. Groceries. Planned out and purchased on the fortnightly shop. Fruit and vegetables only may be purchased at other times throughout the fortnight - although attempting to limit to 2 extra shops. Anything over and above this will be posted in green.

2. Bills that come due: electricity, gas, phone, insurance, internet etc.

3. Baby related items that are on the list. See previous post.

4. I am allowed one "Get out of jail free" card per week.

5. Medicine related items. This does not include Lipstick, mascara etc etc...

In terms of entertaining, it is permissible for me to cook dinner for friends and have them bring wine, nibbles or dessert as this is what usually happens when I have a dinner party. Not permissible is expecting friends (or strangers!) to pay for my dinner, tickets to things or buy me chocolate or wine just because I've decided to do this challenge

Seeing as this is the first time I have attempted something along these lines I believe that the rules may need to be altered or added to along the way to account for essential things that I may have forgotten right now.


- Eating out, getting takeaway coffee etc
- Making frivolous shopping purchases because I can
- Paying for parking

I will dilligently write down how thrifty I have been each day and how much money I have spent each day. I will keep a tally in the side bar to see how I am going.. updating on a Sunday.

I'm scared. Tomorrow it begins.

Daily Categories:
Morning tea:
Afternoon Tea:
Finished Today:
Spent today: