Friday, February 27, 2009

Where I am At!

It is now two weeks since the birth of Harris and I am feeling surprisingly grand!

Sure there are stretch marks galore but in the whole scheme of things I think I have come out of the whole experience pretty good.

On the night I went into labour I weighed 95 kgs. This morning I weighed 83.7kg and falling - it seems to fall by 200 - 300 gms each day. I am sure that it will even out shortly but it all honesty it is exactly where I anticipated I would be.

My body shape looks pretty much exactly like it did before - except with an extra 13kg on it - so a bit more flabby than I am used to. But I can see how when it comes off I should look just like I did before.

My biggest frustration is that it seems as though the majority of the weight gain is in my hips, thighs and waist hence pants are an issue as they are all tight. Even the maternity clothes are a little tight.

Walking is my training of choice right now and I am aiming for 30 mins each day of walking the hilly streets around my suburb. I need to get my head around the concept that walking does actually count as training for me in this instance. I'm going to talk to the physio today but hopefully in two weeks time I can add in some body weighted strength work 3 times per week. Thant gives me two weeks to devise a program for myself. Oh and of course I will have core strengthening exercises to do that the physio will go through with me today.

Harris has a fairly predictable nature at the moment - although I find the only time I can sit down to check internet things or plan things is when he is asleep in his cot. Right now he only sleeps in his cot for 2 hours a day but I am trying to ease him into a little more.

He is there right now!

Time to get going!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Birth Story

It's time to get the story of Harris's Birth down on paper/not paper before it takes on a not so clear image in my mind - not that I think that is actually possible - but you never know!

I would say that as far as Birth stories go - mine is a pretty good one - it all pretty much went by the book!

Earlier in the week I had been to the Ob/Gyn for my scheduled weekly check up. My blood pressure was up at this appointment and he sent me off for blood tests in a big hurry. He also arranged for me to have a CTG scan the next morning - and to bring my bags for the hospital just in case. It was all a little scary!

I pretty much stayed on the couch for the rest of that day - my blodd pressure was still up compared to normal and I thought it was better to be safe than sorry. On Wednesday I stayed on the couch again because I was feeling pretty ordinary, my bloood pressure was still going up so I called the birth suite at around 3:30 to let them know and they had me come in for another CTG. The scan showed that I was having very mild contractions every 5 or so minutes. The doctor came in and said that he was concerned about the rising blood pressure and that he wanted to do another scan on Friday morning but regardless of what that showed - he was going to have me come in and be induced on Sunday the 15th feb anyway.

That night Mark and I went out to dinner at the local Thai - I was still having what I thought were mild contractions but they were totally bearable. That night the intensity of these increased alot. By 10pm I was having what I thought were strongish contractions every 5 - 7 minutes. I called the birth suite at 2:00am thinking I was in Labour. I was coping quite well at this point so I took a couple of panadeine to take the edge off - and within half an hour it had all stopped. I felt relaxed and a little bewildered - I had been going through that for the last 5 hours for nothing! It probably did do something but I was just grateful to be able to sleep!

I spent the whole of Thursday on the couch dozing and resting - I was still getting mild contractions but they were every 15 - 20 minutes now. Not getting any faster. At around 8 that night Mark, the cat and I were on the couch and I asked Mark to squeeze my toes during a contraction to see if the distraction helped the pain at all. During the next contraction he did this and made me laugh, then the cat dug her claws into my leg and I laughed hard - but it hurt because of the contraction - next thing I felt a pop and my waters broke. After that I felt a bit excited and nervous at the same time because I knew that it was time and my baby would be here sometime in the next day. The contractions sped up to around 6 - 9 minutes apart but they were much stronger. I couldn't sit or lie down during them - I had to kneel or stand - so I was a little nervous about getting in the car to go to the hospital. I went to get in the shower for some relief but we had run out of hot water. I decided to call the hospital at this point because I felt like I needed the support of people who knew what to expect.

We arrived and were shown into a room with a very lovely midwife called Tammy. I kept going in there where I was in and out of the shower for pain relief. The worst thing was the shower head was broken and I couldn't direct it without holding it in my hand - this was ok for a while but once the contractions were more intense it pretty much made the shower useless. the midwife did and internal at 3am and I was 5 -6 cm dilated - I thought great - we are doing well and i am coping! We went on like this until 6am when the doctor came in to see how i was going. He did another internal and I was still only 5 - 6cm - this news at this time left me feeling devastated. I was starving, my lower back and feet were killing me and I was almost out of energy. The doctor suggested that I have some pethedine to give me a rest and also to put a syntocynin drip and some saline with glucose infusion up to speed things along and give me some energy. This was the best thing I could have done at that point. The pethedine slowed the contractions enough to give me a small nap in between them - even though the syntocynin has made the contractions much stronger.

Another midwife (Liz) took over from Tammy at 7am and suggested that I try the gas to take the edge off - this was great once I got the hang of breathing it in properly. To be honest - after this point I don't really remember very much - except that the intensity of the contractions was extreme ! It felt like it took forever to get to the pushing part - I remember I kept asking the nurse if it was time to push yet. When it was time to push it was so different to the contractions. I felt much more able to cope with the pushing part. It was very hard work though - Mark was awesome - he was surviving on no sleep for 30 hours and yet he was still encouraging me and doing everything he could. The pushing stage lasted for 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Towards the end the doctor came in to do an internal (I do recall that being extremely uncomfortable!) and he said to me that he didn't think the baby was turning properly and wasn't likely to come out on his own - and that we would need to prep for going to theatre, that I would need a spinal block and he would have to do a forceps delivery - possibly a c-section. He walked out to get that organised and then on the next ontraction I felt the baby move down further and the midwife said She thought this baby had other ideas. By the time the doctor had come back, the baby was well on it's way - and the doctors was very surprised -
i was very relieved! About half an hour later I had my healthy little man on my tummy and I was in awe and in love with the tiny being Mark and i had created.

I'm not in a hurry to race back and do it all again in a hurry - but Harris was worth every ounce of pain - we love him!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mark has become a pillow for the whole family it seems!

I am taking this opportunity to quickly post because Harris is asleep in his own bed, in his room and it is very rare. He likes to sleep nearly to us most of the time but today he is obviously content in his cot. I don't mind!

Today I had a physio appointment to do some postnatal work - I have a 2ish cm diastasis in my abs and I want it to get better ASAP! So off to the physio for me. To be honest it is my abs where I feel the weakest! Anyway - the physio cancelled on me - but I only found this out AFTER I had gotten dressed, straightened my hair and put makeup on - I was feeling ready to take on the world and looking forward to our little outing - only to be a little dissapointed that the appointment had been cancelled. It doesn't matter because at least I have felt great all day because I look nice!

I have been walking every day - I can manage about 25 mins now and I am going to stick to this for now. At least until I am feeling a little stronger.

I look SO much better than I did last week - fluid is still coming off at an alarming rate. I almost look like 'Normal" just a little fatter! Once my clothes start fitting a little better I think I will feel awesome!

I really want to post about the birth but maybe tomorrow!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

time to breath

Harris is the biggest sleepy head! I know that is what new babies do but I seriously can't wait until he is a little more interactive!

Our first few days at home haven't really been to eventful. We are just trying to learn about him and his needs. We are figuring it out slowly. I am actually getting some pretty good sleep as well so far which I am surprised at.

He is such a great feeder and I am having no troubles at all (touch wood!) breastfeeding him at this stage.

We had our first trip out of the house yesterday - to the shops to get him some more clothes- and we managed it without a hitch. I know it will be different when I have to do it on my own but it is good to build up confidence at this stage.

I am feeling better now and can walk a little further each day. We are going to go for a short walk today out in the pram - so it will be interesting to see how that goes.

I am surprised at how my thinking has changed when it comes to what I am eating. I am conscious of everything I put in my mouth and how it will affect him. It is really good for me to think like this. In saying that though - finding the time to actually eat is a bit of a challenge! Mark has been making me porridge for breakfast everyday and I am hoping that he will keep doing this for me even after he goes back to work on Monday.

On the body front - I am actually surprised at how I have ended up looking. It was 1 week post birth yesterday and I still have a bit a fluid there. I have put on a lot of weight but I am hoping that the breasfeeding theory works for me. I am not worried about losing it but I am worried about finding the motivation - especially when it comes to food preparation!

One day at a time I say!

I am still working my way around the blogs to say thanks to everyone individually.

This motherhood thing is amazing - like nothing I ever expected - I didn't know it was possible to love someone so much!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


We have just arrived home from hospital and it is such an exciting time. It feels like we are embarking on a whole new part of our lives. This is quite possibly the best thing we have ever done. We are overwhelmed with love for this tiny baby who has come into our lives.
Thankyou to all for your well wishes and comments. I will respond individually when I get the chance.

Harris is sleeping right now - so I get a window of opportunity to catch up a little on my internet addiction!

I'll tell the full story of the past few days over the coming week but lets just say at them moment the furtherest I can walk is around 200 mts. I don't recommend that anyone has stitches in that part of their body unless they absolutely have to!!

Here are some pics

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Littlle Man

Hi All,

Just a quick update - I only have a few minutes internet access.

My little man - Harris Pedro was born 0n Friday 13th February at 11.36am at Calvary Private Hospital in Canberra.

He is perfect in every way.

It was a good labour - just done with a small amount of pethidine and some gas.

I have a 2nd degree tear which hurts!

More and pics when I get back from hospital - possibly tomorroow.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Still on the couch

I haven't moved much from the couch in the past few days.

My blood pressure is still higher than the doctors would like it to be and I had more blood tests today and have another scan tomorrow.

Had a very bad night last night and was up most of the night - a little taste of what I have to look forward to.

Not much mroe to tell right now apart from all that.

I have decided that I'm not looking forward to the Labour part.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Resting is boring

So after my standard weekly trip to the doctor yesterday he decided to send us into a bit of a mini panic by sending me racing off to a blood test and booking me into have what is called a non-stress test first thing this morning.

This test basically just monitors the baby's heart rate and movement patterns - as well as any contractions that I may have had (Which I didn't).

This was all because I had higher blood pressure than what was normal for me yesterday at the doctors appointment.

If things didn't look good this morning they were going to induce me early. Needless to say I was a bit nervous.

Anyway - the scan was in the normal range andthe blood results didn't show anything so everything was fine - except that my blood pressure seems to go up beyond normal (but still not super high) if I do anything that involves being upright at all.

So I have been lying on the couch all day, alternating between watching TV and reading glossy magazines. I'm thinking that I'm going to need to find a book to keep me intereested tomorrow because this is a very tedious way to spend the time. Although I must say that I don't feel that great when I'm up and about so I am content to stay on the couch.

So- back to the couch for if the baby would just get out - we wouldn't be having these problems!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Second hand bookery

There is a certain second hand bookshop in the stunningly named suburb of Fyshwick in Canberra which is presently having a closing down sale - 50% off all of their book. You read right - ALL of their books!

I pop in every now and again and rummage through the shelves to see if there is anything I missed last time. On the weekend I came across these two gems. I love ols sewing books. The McCalls one is from th 60's and the other is from the 70's. The illustrations are just great - if I had a scanner I would scan some in!

But another great thing about them (aside from the old school sewing tips) is some of the fabulous prose - as I come across some gems I'll try and post some here.

Here is a good one:

"The basic fact about clothes is that arm's go in sleeves, coats fasten, skirts start at the waist (wherever they may end) and dresses cover the body from shoulder to hem. Designers can indulge in the wildest flights of fancy, or dip into past decades for inspiration, but one thing remains constant, clothes are still cut out and made up more or less as they have been for centuries".
Dressmaking Made Simple, p6, 1974



Well - that's what Mark christened him. Because he said that it looks like I have attached the head from one toy to another. I made him last week and I think he is pretty cute.

Now I'm working on the next creation... a flowery giraffe who may be named flowers!



Well - that's what Mark christened him. Because he said that it looks like I have attached the head from one toy to another. I made him last week and I think he is pretty cute.

Another day

It feels so strange to be ticking off the days to an event that may or may not happen on that particular day!

It's not like you can look forward to it happening on that day because you just don't know when it will actually happen!

I think I much prefer a defined event.

It's so difficult to not wake up each day and think - Well is today going to be the day? You can drive yourself insane analysing every little twinge and pain - thinking, is this it? is it starting now?

On the other hand it is difficult to imagine what life is going to be like after this event. there will be a whole new barrage of things to learn, emotions and feelings. That and there will be a tiny baby who needs us 100%. I am excited about meeting him now - and also impatient.

I have a doctors appointment today but not until nearly 5pm so I have to find things to do until then. It is 10 degrees cooler today than it was yesterday which means that it is possible to actually get things done.

First things first though - time to go and get dressed!

Getting dressed is another aspect of this whole thing which has been something that has involved adaptation along the way. Never in my imagination had I thought that the tent like clothes I bought early on would end up not actually fitting me at all. I remember putting some things on only to take them off again because it was too big and made me look fat. Now those same clothes dont completely cover the belly. It's a little disconcerting.

The stretch mark situation is not good. It just looks as though my skin was never meant to stretch that much. Once bubs is out I will start on that with the bio oil - I do regret not doing it the whole way along. It was psychologically difficult earlier on because there were no stretch marks and no signs of any - they have really only come on in the past few weeks.

Yesterday it seemed as though some of the fluid in my legs was starting to ease off and the slender ankles were returning. That is a nice feeling.

On another note, I'm loving these things at the moment:

Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch - this was one of my pre baby lst minute splurges - not sure if I'll have time to actually put it on but it does make my foundation look great!

Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick - I LOVE this lipstick at the moment. Its so creamy and moisturising yet it stays on and has great pigmentation. Here's hoping I love it all winter. I bought the colour 'Gilded Wine'

The Body Shop Moroccan rose Perfume - I love this perfume and am saving this one up for my 'fun purchase' for next fortnight. At only $31.95 I can actually afford it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm Still here

and surviving the heat - just!

Yesterday we just tried to move from one airconditioned place to the next. Went to the shops, went to the movies - that took us up to around 2pm. Just when it is getting the hottest here in Canberra.

Came home and had a cold shower - which is an excellent remedy!

The pool is useless because it is in full sun for the majority of the day and so is actually like getting into a hot bath!

Went to Mark's Aunt and Uncle's house last night to have some Chinese and some aircon - that was a good solution. I think that if it becomes unbearable this afternoon we should go there again!

Our house didn't get under 30 degrees last night until the early hours of the morning. We have set up camp in the loungeroom on the air mattress because the evaporative cooler seems to be more effective that way than when we are both on the bed. I actually found the air mattress quite comfortable, it seems to support the weight of my belly better when I am on my side. I think that tonight will be more of the same as the prediction for today is the same as yesterday.
BUT then tomorrow we get a lovely cool change - only meant to be 29 rtomorrow apparently!

This next week is going to be much more comfortabe I think!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fashiony Inspiration for Autumn/Winter

Daydreaming away about the clothes I might like to purchase to keep me warm this winter I'm thinking that the things I may need include:

  • Patterened and Textured Scarves (although I could be opening myself up to being choked by a small child)
  • Ballet flats - but these are a staple anyway. I'm thinking grey wool and purple
  • A black trench coat - I found one in David Jones this morning but I need to wait until I am not pregnant to figure out what size I need
  • Black bootleg trousers - cross between a jean and a dress pant. Chack country road and esprit
  • A dark grey wool blend skirt - country road
  • Do I need a new bag - we'll see - I guess it all depends on small child!
  • tights, tights and more tights
  • Grey dress from country road - hmmn? still deciding - can be dressed up AND worn casual which is a plus.
  • Jeans Jeans Jeans
  • Camel coloured jacket
  • Long sleeve shirts: Red, Purple

I guess it all comes down to what I am NEEDING to wear doesn't it? Because I am only really going to be going to the shops occasionally and perhaps out for coffee/lunch. We dont go out THAT much so I really only need one dress/going out dressing up outfit. So I need mainly casual comfy clothes that make me feel good when I do leave the house. I guess some nicer lounge type house clothes could come in handy too. But I'd have to see what I could find. Lorna jane dance pants are always good for that!

Lipstick and hairdye

Today I woke up rather late (8:30am eek!) but hey I figure that I might as well make the most of it.

I didn't really have any plans for today and yesterday I was driven insane by sitting around on the couch for the majority of the day.

so I decided to go to the local westfield and see how long I could manage walking around. I thought that I would have a look at all of the new season clothes coming into the stores and decide on the things that I might want in my winter wardrobe. Country road is totally inspiring me right now - I loved everything in there!

I also thought i would have a play with any new bits and bobs in the david jones make up counters - just for the fun of it. Dangerous - very dangerous. I found a really georgous Shishedo wintery plummy listick that i am very very tempted to go and buy. BUT I did the right thing and walked away thinking that I would have a look on strawberry net first. I need new mascara too you see so if I can get a bargain it is better than not!

So after a play in the make up department and wandering around for a bit I went to get myself a coffee and read a magazine for a little bit.

Before I knew it 3 hours had gone by and as I didn't want to pay too much for car parking I decided it was time to come home.

While I was at the shops I also decided to get a home hair dye. I hate paying so much at the hairdresser for colour that is only really a slightly darker version of my own hair colour only to have it wash out 3 weeks later. It has been a while since I did it at home so we will see how it turns out.

So right now I am sitting here with my hair dye in, hair all sectioned, red lippy - and 39 weeks pregnant - tres chic and glamorous let me tell you!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

66 Posts

I just trawled through 66 Blog posts on my google reader and now I am tired!

I really have lost the ability to sit down, read, take it all in and then generate interesting active thought in my own brain. Perhaps this is what they call baby brain. People call me for a chat and I just don't have the energy to construct a conversation. Is this what my life is going to be like fore the next little while? Hmmn...

So I am sorry for not too many comments but I will try harder in the next week - and unless I go into Labour - I won't be letting my google reader get to 66 posts again!

I had a weird feeling night last night and I seriously thought that something was on the cards but alas not as yet.

My plan for today is to not do too much. I was awake probably every two hours last night and I am feeling it today. I need to go to the shops and get a few things and I will do that in a minute. then I am going to make friends with the lounge chair and watch a DVD from the pile that needs to go back on Friday.

I have been trying not to nap during the day but there may need to be a nap this afternoon I think.

Onto the single digit countdown tomorrow. I am starting to get a little bit nervous about everything now. Starting to get a bit excited too but I know that there is going to be some challenging moments over the next few weeks.

Get out baby so we can get on with it!

Monday, February 2, 2009

things 2 do

I am a little short on finding things to do at the moment.

I know that I am supposed to be 'resting' - but you know what - resting is boring!.

Even the internet is boring after a little while.

I have been saving up blog posts to read through and comment on, on google reader for Wednesday morning because I haven't got anything planned for Wednesday as yet! It's a bit sad I know!

I did buy a book this morning that has the potential to keep me interested for a little while.

I don't want to think too hard about how different life is going to be after baby turns up.
I think that it is all part of my one day at a time strategy.

I AM glad though that the ratings season has started back on TV because at least I have programs that I look forward to watching in the evenings now - whereas before the TV was part of the boredom.

Until Wednesday!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

baby's Room

More Photographs

Sometimes I wish I put more pics up on my blog.

i dont mainly because I think that I am pretty crap at taking a nice photo and I like them to be all artistic and lovely and mine are pretty much just not!

Perhaps I do have a bit of baby brain because I have notices lately that my attention span for these types of things is very limited, I'm not that interested in reading and lately my spelling (or is that typing) has been very poorly - and I am usually quite pedantic about that type of thing.


Feeling: Generally tired and can't be bothered. I had my hair cut on Friday and I can't even be bothered to straighten it to see how it looks properly. I think that is mainly because I know I will just get in the pool later and ruin the straight effect anyway!

I think that actually it is the heat sucking whatever energy I have right out of me.